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Arbitrary Waveform Generators TFG1900A

Arbitrary Waveform Generators TFG1900A

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Arbitrary Waveform Generators TFG1900A With Direct Digital Synthesis DDS technology, the TFG1900A Series Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators are of the high performance indexes and rich function characteristics which are necessary for the fast completion of measuring. The clear and bright VFD fluorescent display interface is convenient for the users to operate and observe. Features Economic and Light weight Dual output with same characteristic 1μHz frequency resolution 11 built in waveforms and 5 user-defined arbitrary waveforms AM, FM, PM, PWM, FSK modulation, frequency sweep and burst function Built in 100MHz frequency counter Arbitrary Waveform Editing PC Software USB Host, USB Device Specifications TFG1905A TFG1910A TFG1920A Frequency Range Sine 1μHz ~ 5MHz 1μHz ~ 10MHz 1μHz ~ 20MHz Square, Pulse 1μHz ~ 5MHz Others 1μHz ~ 1MHz Resolution 1μHz Accuracy ±20ppm Waveform Type 11 build-in waveform   Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, etc. + 5 user-defined arbitrary waveforms Arbitrary Length 4096 points Sampling Rate 100 MSa/s Vertical Resolution 10 bits Amplitude Range Frequency≤8MHz 0 ~ 10Vpp 50Ω ,    0 ~ 20Vpp Open circuit Frequency 8MHz 0 ~ 9Vpp    50Ω ,  0 ~ 18Vpp Open circuit Resolution 2mVpp Amplitude 2Vpp 0.2mVpp Amplitude≤2Vpp DC Offset Ampl.   0Vpp Range ±5Vdc 50Ω , ±10Vdc Open circuit Resolution 2mVdc Modulation CHA FM,AM,PM,PWM Carrier Waveform 16 waveforms, Sine,   Square, Ramp, etc. only Pulse for PWM Modulating Waveform 16 waveforms, Sine, Square, Ramp, etc. Modulating Frequency 2mHz ~ 20kHz FSK Carrier Waveform 16 waveforms, Sine, Square, Ramp, etc. Hope Frequency 1μHz ~ 5MHz 1μHz ~ 10MHz 1μHz ~ 20MHz FSK Rate 1mHz ~ 100kHz Frequency Sweep   CHA Carrier   Waveform 16 waveforms, Sine, Square, Ramp, etc. Sweep Mode Linear or Logarithmic Sweep Time 50ms ~ 500s Burst CHA Burst Waveform 16 waveforms, Sine, Square, Ramp, etc. Burst Count 1 ~ 1000000 Internal Period 1μs ~ 500s Start/Stop Phase 0° ~ 360° SYNC Output Waveform   Characteristic Square, edge time ≤ 20ns Output Level TTL compatible Frequency Counter Frequency   Range  1Hz ~ 100MHz Input Amplitude 100mVrms ~ 7Vrms Period 50ms ~ 5s General   Characteristics Power AC 100 ~ 240V, 45 ~ 65Hz, 30VA Display VFD display Dimension   Weight 322×256×102mm, Approx.1.5 kg

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