VE-30RFM HDMI to RF Matrix Extender

VE-30RFM HDMI to RF Matrix Extender

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Apr 12 2018

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VE-30RFM HDMI to RF Matrix Extender is designed to convert HDMI signal to HD digital TV
signal based on DVB-T CATV signal, it uses 64QAM mode to realize the HD digital TV signal conversion
and transmit via coaxial cables for long distance.
With the advantages of good image quality, strong resistance to interference and hundreds channels
available. Its easy to build one-to-multi or multi-to-multi media matrix through extender, can be widely
applied in CCTV, outer large screen, shopping mall advertisement, media education and digital KVM fields
To solve problems such as image pixilated, distortion, and transfer failure. Apply to commercial ads on
screen walls, automatic industry digital board, medical facilities, the system to supervise and control
multimedia education etc. In order to deal with the demand of digital media signals long distance
transmission. The system is designed by RF transfer, providing more flexible choice for installation and

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