Package vacuum leakage tester

Package vacuum leakage tester

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Package vacuum leakage tester examines the airproof property of packages, containers, bags, pipes, cans, etc, that are used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, electrical and electronic industries, etc. Leak Tester LT-02 complies with ASTM D3078.

Package vacuum leakage tester uses vacuum ejector to generate stable vacuum environment.
1.Leak test process all automatic
2.Digital vacuum degree and test time setting
3.Automatic vacuum maintenance and air back-flushing
4.Extra-thick perspex
5.Different chamber sizes available
6.No vacuum pump required
7.Easy operation and maintenance leak detection system

Technical Specification
Vacuum: 0~-90KPa/0~-13PSI
Vacuum chamber size: 270 mm x 210 mm H Customization available
Gas source: Compressed air
Gas Pressure: 0.7MPa/101.5PSI

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