Ice Cream Filling Machine

Ice Cream Filling Machine

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Rotary ice cream filling machine specially designed for filling ice cream like cones, cups, single, dual-colored fancy novelties of ice cream such as topped novelties, spiral novelties. Its multiple functions include automatically dispersing containers, lid-pressing for cones paper lid, plastic lid , heat sealing paper lid for paper cups, printing the produce date.

Dispense cup/cone - First filler - secondary Spiral filling - spray chocolate - add nuts - lid both for cone or cup - print date - push out products.

Certification: CE


1. The equipment is fitted with wheels and adjustable legs so you can positions and re position it to fit you factory layout in any way.

2. A large variety of lid types and lidding techniques can be applied, according to the design of the product.

3. The equipment decreases the production consumption, greatly increase the production ability, and lowers the productions cost .

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