Ceramic button for shirt from China factory

Ceramic button for shirt from China factory

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Ceramic buttons are made of natural material without any negative effects to human. Because

of the relation between people and nature ceramic button have more special meanings:

environmental protection, natural and healthy.

Ceramic button is a unique style of the new buttons. The crystal clear texture is like a

steady stream of springs, pristine and beautiful. The natural color of white jade let you

refresh and return to basics.

Ceramic buttons are made of high-tech production, belong to the precious gem material,

hard, can withstand alpine high temperatures, but also has a unique luster of the gem and

transparent texture, it still seems new after a few hundred years, so it have the value of

the collection.

Ceramic buttons, the elegant sober, colorful and eye-catching colors, with a glamorous

beauty on top of clothing, are also deemed jewelry, which is worth a pound of amber agate

artistic effect, to fully display the charm of soldiers and fire, not comparable to any

other buttons.

Our company professional product a variety styles of ceramic buttons introduced new

products per week. Provide customized OEM and ODM, Welcome to map sample and consult order.

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