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Water Level Controller

Water Level Controller

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HANGIL produces special product for fish farm / aquarium HANGIL has both electronics and automotive application divisions. The ele...
geumjeong-gu, South Korea
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▲ Product Property - Product that can adjust sea water level and salinity constantly by detecting the level of water tank - LED light ensure well display vision - Product that is currently exported to American Aquarium company. - It can be used every countries handling sea water tank ▲ Way to Use - Install water sensor 1,2 in the water tank. - Connect sensor and pump into main body of water level controller. - At this time, you can select maximum or minimum water level from position of sensor ▲ Precautions - Main body of product should be installed at dry area. - Main body of product should be avoided from water - Do not use close to magnetic field Certification Condition ▲ 2011 Patent utility model registration Registration Number 20-0454001 Complete ▲ Power - 220V A.C, 60Hz , 110V A.C. 50,60Hz

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